Choreographer, performance and installation artist Angie Hiesl has been presenting her interdisciplinary projects since the 1980s. The artistic collaboration between Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser started in 1997, since then they have developed all of their projects together. This means that all concepts, choreographies and installations are being developed and created collectively. They present their interdisciplinary projects at locales distant to art in private and public urban spaces.

Their artistic and performative interventions create new contexts, condensing local peculiarities and putting them in context to social phenomena. Thematically, their coordinates are to be found in the relationship between the human body and space/ architecture as well as in the relationship between humans and their respective cultural, social, political, and global environment.

The human body is a central topic, with its confines and no limitations at the same time. Hiesl’s and Kaiser’s original aesthetic means of expression as well as their concepts turn out to be sensual provocations – an invitation to the audience and to passers-by alike to take a new look at something we believed was familiar, a re-arrangement of reality. They communicate their art in workshops and lectures. The multi-award winning works are being shown globally.

Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser
© Foto: Roland Kaiser 2019

Angie Hiesl

Grown up in Venezuela, Perú and Germany, Angie Hiesl has been living and working in Cologne since 1975. Since the 1980s she has been working as director, choreographer, and performance and installation artist. In Germany she was one of the first artists to develop projects for dance and theater in site-specific only settings. Throughout various teaching activities at international academies and universities Angie Hiesl passes on her artistic approach.

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Roland Kaiser

Born in the Black Forest Roland Kaiser has been living in Cologne since 1987. Since 1997 the director, choreographer and fine artist has been  realizing artistic projects together with Angie Hiesl that have been shown at numerous national and international festivals and guest performances. He furthermore documents all productions photographically.

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