Performance in urban public space


08.06. I 15.06. I 22.06.2024
3 pm - 4:30 pm


DRESSING THE CITY AND MY HEAD IS A SHIRT was created in 2011 with performers aged between 27 and 49. Thirteen years later, this very physical work is being realised with performers aged between 60 and 87.
The relationship between people, clothing and urban space is at the centre of this artistic urban intervention. Clothing is our second skin, the membrane between body and space. It connects the inner and outer world and is a non-verbal means of communication.
Ten performers act in the middle of everyday life in Cologne's city centre. In dialogue with the local conditions, their bodies and various items of clothing interweave with the urban space. The performance creates irritating, abstract and bizarre images.

Hiesl and Kaiser have been exploring the topic of age(ing) in the performing arts for several years. This is also the context for the new production of DRESSING THE CITY AND MY HEAD IS A SHIRT. Due to their age, professional performing artists over 60 are no longer in demand and are increasingly disappearing from the public eye. The project specifically focuses on this age group.


The 10 performers will repeatedly appear within the 90 minutes of the performance around Kolpingplatz, Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, KOLUMBA Museum und L.-Fritz-Gruber-Platz – and in the streets: Minoritenstraße, Breitestraße to Schwertnergasse, Ludwigstraße, Brückenstraße, Kolumbastraße.