Urban installation and performance project by Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser

FAT FACTS focuses on the aesthetics of abundance.

Obesity is a global mass phenomenon of our time which is often characterised by stigmatisation, exclusion and emotional pressure. In a world that is increasingly occupied with optimization and perfection, more and more people seem to not fit into those ideals.

FAT FACTS explores a wide range of possibilities between delight and frustration, and creates interplay between the sensuality of being overweight and voluminous physicality in a public urban setting.

FAT FACTS is a walk-in installation featuring individual activities that create moments of irritation in the everyday life of passers-by. The performers’ personal experiences as well as an exploration of social concepts of standard and excess are part of this performative work.

FAT FACTS approaches the topic of being overweight in a persistent manner:

Sensuous … humorous … tragic … poetic … whimsical.


“A fascinating and clever spectacle between addiction and sensuality.”
Nicole Strecker, Deutschlandfunk (5th May 2017)

Premiere: Cologne, 2017
Supported by: Arts Foundation North Rhine-Westphalia  
Angie Hiesl Produktion receives conceptual funding from the City of Cologne and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).