TWINS - how do I know I am me...

Theater - Dance - Music - Installation
by Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser

… is a performance that addresses the fascinating and mysterious phenomenon of twin appearances. Being an identical twin - who's who? - a baffling interplay of optical illusions and mirror images between the everyday and the absurd.
The selected method of staging the production vacillates between art exhibition and performance. Thus the images inspired by the performers’ personal stories challenge the assumption of individual uniqueness.


"A smart performance of stunning and amusing beauty - that is also allowed to sometimes be ugly and upsetting."
nrw taz köln, Bernhard Krebs, November 29, 2001

Premiere: Cologne, 2001
Further performances in: IMPULSE Festival (GER), Liverpool (GB), excerpts in Düsseldorf & Berlin (GER)
Supported by: Cologne City Council, Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., Stiftung Kunst und Kultur, Department of Subway and Bridge Constructions, Ravensburger AG