In the discursive format TALK !N PUBLIC, Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser take debates on burning socio-political or cultural-political issues to the place where they belong: directly into the public space. The series, which runs until 2025, invites experts and those affected to discuss a current topic in conversation with the writer and historian Lothar Kittstein. The talks will be held at various locations in the public space in order to involve a diverse audience in the debate.


What remains ....

Saturday, 14. October 2023
with Hildegard Kling (Kling Bestattungen) Daniel Ernesto Müller (solo performer of AUFGELÖST), moderation Lothar Kittstein

We invite the audience to a conversation about the themes of life, death, transience, and memories and the previously seen performance of AUFGELÖST.
A loved person is no longer there. What remains is an intimate world of legacies that bear the traces of a time lived. How do we deal with this? With the grief, the memories, the things left behind?

Get involved and ask our guests about their experiences and perspectives on the lasting and the evanescent.

Saturday. 14.10. - 06:00 p.m. / Neumarkt, Cologne
following the performance of AUFGELÖST

The discussion will be held in German



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