AUFGELÖST - two more times!

© Photo: Roland Kaiser

The new project AUFGELÖST* by Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser had premiere on 23 September 2022
*German for "dissolved"

Solo performance: Daniel Ernesto Müller

"Life, a pile of data, a lot of stuff, if you want to see it in such material terms - a powerful piece."
Peter Backof, Deutschlandfunk, 26.09.2022

AUFGELÖST (German for "dissolved") is a project in public space lasting several hours. Interweaving reality and fiction, it brings the private and extremely taboo subject of death to the general public. The project takes the final dissolution of a household after the death of a person as an occasion to reflect in a performative and installative way on the themes of dissolving, transience and new beginnings.

Fri. 30.09.2022, 3:30pm - 7:00pm
Sat. 22.10.2022, 2:30pm - 6:00pm

Rudolfplatz, Cologne

In case of rain, the starting times may be postponed.
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