AUSSER_ORDENTLICH, Grafikdesign: Steffen Missmahl

(EXTRA_ORDINARY| Retrospective - Insight - Vision)

AUSSER_ORDENTLICH deals with four decades of performance art. With selected performative productions, a multimedia exhibition and discursive formats, we look back on our interventions in private and public urban space. At the same time, we also look forward.

AUSSER_ORDENTLICH kicked off with ...public hair... and now we continue with AUFGELÖST and TALK !N PUBLIC #03. More projects will follow until the end of 2024.

We will keep you updated!



WAR SCHÖN. KANN WEG ... Alter(n) in der Darstellenden Kunst  
(WAS BEAUTIFUL. CAN GO ... Age(ing) in the Performing Arts)

The anthology refers to the symposium under the same title that we organised in 2021 and that met with great interest. The book is at the same time an extension of the discussion that was started then.

How do the performing arts deal with age(ing)? This is the question Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser explored. Together with kubia* director Almuth Fricke, they have published the results of their artistic and discursive investigation in this anthology.

People in Germany and many other industrialised nations are getting older and often stay in work longer. Artists, too, are increasingly working into old age. Many do this of their own accord; after all, their creativity does not end when they reach retirement age. The truth is, however, that for financial reasons some people "keep working until we fall off the stage", as performer Lisa Lucassen puts it. But not everyone has this option either: it is still a great exception when professional dancers can continue to work in their "old age", in other words, beyond the age of 40.

The cultural and socio-political challenges of age(ing) in the performing arts, e.g. with regard to old-age provisions and appropriate funding concepts, are explored in depth in personal, academic and cultural-political texts.

WAR SCHÖN. KANN WEG ... Alter(n) in der Darstellenden Kunst 
edited by Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser
in collaboration with Almuth Fricke (kubia*)
Published by Theater der Zeit, December 2022

You can order the book online:

*kubia = Centre for Creative Ageing and Inclusive Arts